Commemorating the 2017 Wyoming Eclipse with Local Artist Zak Pullen's Iconic "The Herdsman at High Noon"
Limited Edition Fine Art Print #1:

Limited Edition Fine Art Print #1: "The Herdsman at High Noon"

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Zak Pullen's iconic painting celebrating the 2017 Wyoming Eclipse is now available as a limited edition fine art print.  This one-of-a-kind piece (#1 of 146) boasts a custom frame and suede/leather mattes and measures approximately 28" x 33".  The print is signed and numbered by the artist.  Buyer will also receive an adult T-shirt and five commemorative posters signed by the artist.

Click here if you are interested in purchasing #2-146 in the series (unframed, but still signed and numbered by the artist).

About the print: The 17" x 22" Giclee print is a combined effort between artist and printmaker. It affirms the artist was directly involved in all decisions, including media choice, color and tonal manipulation ensuring an accurate representation of the original.

Each limited edition fine art print was created individually and carefully inspected before it left the studio. Handle your print as you would any fine art image. Use professionals to ensure your print is framed to archival standards and do not place in direct sunlight or high humidity locations. With proper care this print can last a lifetime without noticeable fading.  

This special item will ship flat, wrapped and insured within the continental United States.